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    Database Analyst 3+ year’s experience

    Analista Santo Domingo 11 Oct, 2019

    The Database Analyst’s role requires an aptitude in relational database skills. Required tasks for the role include database analysis and operational aspects, which will primarily align with the IT support efforts surrounding the organization’s new mobile platform and its integration with other ancillary applications. The tasks for this role will have clearly defined goals and require keen attention to detail and care when modifying production data. This requires self-directed investigation and an ability to report details to the team; this is a role that is ideal for the self-starter who enjoys innovation and technology.

    Required education/experience:
    Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering/Computer related discipline, or equivalent experience required
    Strong T-SQL skills working with MySQL databases; writing queries to analyze/troubleshoot data issues
    Strong understanding of relational database models and data relationships
    Understanding of database performance principles (indexing, partitioning, query performance and tuning)
    Proficient English language use
    Ability to efficiently manage multiple work streams and analyses
    3+ year’s experience with hands on database work (writing queries, updating and deleting data, etc.)
    3+ years experience working with mobile applications and open stack technologies
    3+ years experience working in technology environments with teams internally and off-shore
    Ability to effectively analyze data and ensure quality and correctness according to business requirements
    Working experience with Amazon Web Services (EC2, RDS) is a plus
    Valid US Visa
    2 years of experience in software support or call center environments.
    Experience working in MindBody Online (MBO), Zendesk, and Microsoft Applications is highly desirable.

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